In the kitchen with
Kristen Douglass




1 hr        4-6 servings

For my birthday several years ago, my sister and I piled the kids into my mini-van and made a trip to our nearest city to see an art exhibit featuring works by Van Gogh. While I love to get away from small-town life for short adventures, I also walked away with a birthday present cookbook called, “A Taste of Paris.”

France is the only place outside of North and Central America I’ve been able to travel and it was a delight. Also, if you need to find just the right gift for me, cookbooks, tools that can be used in the garden or kitchen, and aprons are always welcome. I love to pour over cookbooks, but do find it hard to follow recipes, so when I find one with 3 ingredients that is essentially a new method of cooking, that is what sticks with me. I’ve been making these potatoes for years now, and there is nothing quite like the smell of brown butter and potatoes.

I’ve changed some things around to adapt to our hot Texas cooking, read: I don’t turn on an oven between May-September, if I can help it! I love the addition of grilling these as much or more than the oven version. I’m sure when you try these, they’ll become a regular in your house too!